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Rocky Mountain High (revisited)

So, I am already a bit behind on our updates for those interested.  I guess, ultimately, it is a good thing as we have been without internet service (except for phones) since we started out all together in Denver a week and a half ago!  I have hijacked the wifi at Heather’s house in attempt to get back on track.

Th girls and I kicked off of the #2016summeroffun trip (as Brad has dubbed it) with a shuttle from DIA to the rental car area where our chariot awaited. Brad and the dogs successfully crossed many miles from NC to CO once again to allow for an easier launch from Denver. Many thanks to the Bloomers for feeding and housing Brad and the four-legged ladies, allowing them to meet up with us ready to roll!

We headed out on 70 and turned North to reach our destination just outside of Grand Lake Village, at the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. This was our first park in 2014 as well. Our campground specialized in campers with horses so there were many for us to ohh and ahh over. We took a beautiful drive along the portion of Trail Ridge Road that we missed last time. It is always breathtaking, in more than one way!


12,000 feet and all smiles!

The first night in our campsite we saw two large male moose (from a safe distance) grazing in the pasture next to our campsite, they were huge! The morning of day two brought momma moose and her baby into the campsite…we definitely kept a safe distance from her!


Blurry shot of the backside of momma and baby moose…clearly I did not have my camera handy when they arrived!

Our second full day Brad and Virginia even went for a trail ride on “Jewel” and “Cowboy”, where they crossed the Colorado River on horseback! We also planned to rent a pontoon boat to take onto Grand Lake, but the weather had other plans. We decided instead to head out a day early and stop over in Steamboat. What a fun town! We had a great dinner and graced the Walmart parking lot with our shiny rig for the evening.


Friday morning we continued west towards Dinosaur National Monument, our next stop before finally getting to our second campground at Wasatch State Park in Park City, UT.


View from our campsite in Utah…ahhh!


Wyoming Pt 1

I am not entirely sure what has happened since we crossed the state line into Wyomnig…Brad’s voice has dropped about 3 octaves, it sounds like he has gravel in his throat, is threatening to buy a cowboy hat, and keeps talking about riding for the brand, bring in the herd of the BLM land, and rounding up his loose stock!

We arrived in WY Tuesday night and stayed at the truck stop before heading to Rock Springs yesterday for a sleepover at a private campground…this included an afternoon of laundry, grocery shopping, maintenance, and SHOWERS!!

So far we have seen a lot of looong roads, trains, and skies. We have also discovered this is where the deer, antelope (yes really), wild horses (so beautiful), and camels (??) roam! Flat, high land gives way to towering peaks. The campground we stayed in last night was in the red desert and at sunset and sunrise you can see why it is named such.

Today we head up 191 to Jackson. Hoping for pretty weather tomorrow so we can explore Jenny Lake at Grand Teton NP.