Monthly Archives: March 2015


Like eating an elephant

This was a quote from Brad today as he dove into our newest project.  Pretty accurate comparison for renovating these old campers!  One bite at a time…

We accepted a commission project from a lovely woman in Georgia.  She delivered the 1977 Argosy, in all it’s glory, on Saturday and Monday the work began.  We will only be getting this one ready to be built-out…even still it requires a tremendous effort.  For those without such experience, here’s what that means: we are removing all interior including the rotten subfloor, repairing rusted frame, replacing subfloor, replacing hot water heater, furnace, wiring, piping, gas lines, etc.  When it returns home, it will be ready for floor covering, cabinets, all other finishes.

I have photos of the progress I wanted to share for those who might find this process as interesting as we do!  Will post soon…

Not to be left behind in the world of vintage camper life, we purchased another Airstream for ourselves to restore.  Currently it is parked down the road…officially on the back burner until the Argosy is completed.  Can’t wait to dive into that one!  Hopefully we can sidestep the monstrous ant nest and other delights that lurk beneath rotting floors and rusty bolts!