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Texas in the summer…sure, why not?!

Up until the week of July fourth our summer travels had not taken us further afield than the cabin in VA or a NC beach, a stark contrast to the wanderings of last year!  Sometime in mid-June, we couldn’t take it anymore and planned a quick but super busy trip to Texas Hill Country.  I can’t say July is likely the ideal time of year to be in that region, but when the music calls…you must answer!

We combined two musical events to make the trip to Austin for five days.  All four of us went and it was a blast!  The weather was ideal, flights were without issue (miracle of miracles!), and our accommodations were just right.


Luckily for us, as time to plan before we went was minimal, Austin, TX makes it super easy. Just drive around and you will find so many cool things to do and see!  Brad and VA had their first SUP experience on Lady Bird Lake while Kimberly and I kayaked.  Yummy food was everywhere, seriously.  Good beer, awesome local kombucha, food trucks on every corner…

Our airbnb guest house was  the perfect fit and landed us 20 minutes SW of the City in a very peaceful area.  Major plus, it was only 10 min from our new favorite brewery/pizza kitchen combo: Jester King Brewery/Farmhouse Pizza…on a working ranch, no less!!

The July 4th show at the Circuit of the America’s Amphitheater (inside a formula 1 racetrack?!) was fun, but made for a long day in the inescapable sun.  Our three favorite acts did not disappoint though, so the sunburn was worth it for sure!


San Antonio was interesting, but I much preferred Austin.  We checked out the riverwalk and the Alamo…now we can say we have been there 😉

The icing on the cake of this trip was certainly the show at Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater….it was surreal having seen so many shows on TV over the years and wishing so much I was there in person.  Again, several of our favorite artists were there for a tribute concert to Waylon Jennings…it wrapped up with a finale of “Luckenbach, Texas”, sung by the likes of Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Alison Kraus, Robert Earl Keen Jr, Kris Kristofferson, and the list goes on…


Just when we thought it all couldn’t get any better, we had the opportunity to meet and speak briefly with Alison Kraus herself at the airport the following morning.  Being a fan of hers for over twenty years, it was a special moment indeed.

The trip was quick and dirty, but worth it for sure…we most certainly will be going back once the airstream is done.  Speaking of which, I think I have some new photos of that to add as well.  Happy traveling!!