Gold Fever!

We found ourselves in Idaho briefly, long enough to rest for a night and tour an old gold mine.  The Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg, ID was mined briefly in the late 1800s and then boarded up and abandoned until it was rediscovered during road construction in the 1991!  We camped on the premises so we were the first ones in on Monday morning.

Kimberly getting the safety talk from Frank, the owner

Kimberly getting the safety talk from Frank, the owner

Kimberly did a great job of keeping her miners hat (hard hat) on the whole tour!   It was very interesting and we were able to see gold and silver in the walls!   At the back of the mine we were 900 feet below ground!!  We panned a little afterwards, but chilly temps and icy water minimized that experience.

Back on the road, we stopped in Coeur d’Alene long enough to have an awesome lunch at Fire Pizzeria…the lake there is beautiful!


Our attempt at a family photo in the mine ;-)

Our attempt at a family photo in the mine 😉


The afternoon brought a few more hours of driving as we were making our way to the Washington coast.  Similar to parts of Wyoming and Montana, there is a lot of agriculture and undeveloped land in east Washington.  We found ourselves hunkering down for the night at another truck stop in George, WA…my least favorite accommodations so far.  Dinner and a few games of Uno rounded out the evening.

Notice the size of the "shaft"...not for the claustrophobic!

Notice the size of the mine shaft…not for the claustrophobic!

Today we will be arriving at a campground (thank God!) around lunchtime near Tacoma, setting us up for a day in Seattle tomorrow.  I am looking forward to spending Kimberly’s birthday there and we plan to take the girls to the aquarium among other places.

Thursday we are headed to the Olympic Peninsula for a much needed break in travel.  We will be there for 8 days, yay!!

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