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Head ’em up and move ’em out

For our second day at RMNP we decided to head back up to Sprague Lake to try a little fishing.  I would have preferred the Big Thompson, as it runs through Moraine Park, but with the streams and rivers swollen from runoff, the lake was our best bet.

We set up two rods and I was hoping to give Virginia her first casting lessons.  The weather was beautiful again today, but very “breezy”.  Too windy to cast from shore and without waders, that was as far as she could go.  I ventured out into the water myself but no luck.  Not a total loss though…I can always use the casting practice!

We drove up to Bear Lake but opted not to hike around it as Kimberly was dragging a little and neither Brad nor I were up for carrying her most of the way!  We headed back down Bear Lake Road and met “Big Bob”…grazing with some of his buddies right next to the road.  He was beautiful!

He just looked like a "Bob"!

He just looked like a “Bob”!







The next adventure on our list was to drive to the Alpine Visitors center along the Trail Ridge Road.  I believe this road is the highest in elevation in the US.  It was so beautiful and the wind was whipping!  We took video with the GoPro that captures the scenery quite well, the stills are not quite as accurate (compared to the real thing)!  There was still a good bit of snow in the higher elevations and we were well above the tree line.  The top elevation is somewhere around 12,150 ft!

The girls in front of the visitors center

The girls in front of the visitors center







Once we returned to our campsite, at a mere 8,500 ft, Brad and Virginia hopped on their bikes to take a ride.  Kimberly and I chilled out in the hammock, unfortunately she was not up for a nap though,  I could have used one!

After some discussion on the length of our drive on Wednesday, Brad and I opted to head out this afternoon and boondock in Cheyenne tonight.  We are nestled in between two 18-wheelers at the “Flying J” truck stop…Brad discovered this option on his way out west last week.

So cozy ;-)

So cozy 😉







We will be in a “real” campsite tomorrow night with hook ups so I can make blends for Kimberly, take a shower (tomorrow will be 4 days since our last!!!), and do some laundry.