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Hush puppies were worth waiting for…

Some things are just better in the south. A  hush puppy is one of them.  I should have counted how many times Kimberly asked for them while we were on our west by northwest adventure…it would probably surprise you!

Not up for cooking last night as we continue to wade through unpacking, cleaning, laundry, etc…we opted for Allen and Son BBQ to go.  Brad had barely handed me the warm bag of goodies when he got back in the car before our littlest said ” can I have a hush puppy”.  I was so happy to finally be able to appease her with the genuine article.

Don’t get me wrong, we had our share of local fare as we traveled about…Brad and I are still longing for the amazing, yet foreign (to us) quality and quantity of beer options in Oregon.  We tried Bison jerky and  Elk burgers in Montana, mussels on the Olympic Peninsula, and EVERYTHING in Portland.  It was ALL so, so good.

We are still adjusting to the high humidity, low elevation, and having to walk more than three steps to get from the bed to the kitchen!  Getting back in to the swing of things is taking a little longer than I expected.  Tomorrow I will have been home with the girls for a week.  It has mostly been a blur.  Not sure if the next adventure will land us in a BBQ friendly locale…better get it while we can!