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Wyoming Pt 2 (Tetons)

We arrived at Grand Teton NP on Thursday around lunchtime and set up camp at the Gros Ventre Campground.  The campsite is beautiful with the Tetons to the west and the Gros Ventre River to the East (within walking distance).


View from the picnic table

We decided to head to the multi-use trail for a bike ride as it was yet another gorgeous day.   Initially thinking of the 8 mile (each way) trek from Moose to Jenny Lake, we settled on the 4.3 mile distance instead and I was ever so thankful of that!  I pull a small trailer/carriage behind my bike for Kimberly…the attachment does’t fit Brad’s bike…hmmm.




Our view from the bike path

It was by far the most scenic bike ride ever…we were right at the base of the Tetons in the Snake River Valley!  We hiked a little around Jenny Lake and then biked back to the car.  After the ride we headed into Jackson.

They have a “shoot out” every evening in town with local actors and black powder blanks.  It was entertaining, but a bit much for Kimberly and too short for Virginia!  Afterwards we headed to a local brewery (Snake River) for dinner, and as they put it…”put our river through your liver”.

We were supposed to head to Yellowstone today but decided to remain here for one more night.  It is so beautiful (did I say that already?).  Today we drove up to Jackson Lake accessing it at Colter Bay.  We hiked to a picnic spot for lunch and tried to catch a fish for a while…no luck.  This lake fishing thing is really not my strong suit ;-).

Our picnic spot view

Our picnic spot view

A grocery store run this afternoon topped off our activities before heading back to camp.  We walked along the river looking for Molly the Moose, who apparently frequents the area.

So far our wildlife sightings have included Bison (Fred and George, as Virginia named them), more Pronghorn, and Elk.



I believe this was "Fred"

I believe this was “Fred”

Off to Yellowstone in the am…heading there takes the sting out of leaving such a lovely spot here in GTNP.


Wyoming Pt 1

I am not entirely sure what has happened since we crossed the state line into Wyomnig…Brad’s voice has dropped about 3 octaves, it sounds like he has gravel in his throat, is threatening to buy a cowboy hat, and keeps talking about riding for the brand, bring in the herd of the BLM land, and rounding up his loose stock!

We arrived in WY Tuesday night and stayed at the truck stop before heading to Rock Springs yesterday for a sleepover at a private campground…this included an afternoon of laundry, grocery shopping, maintenance, and SHOWERS!!

So far we have seen a lot of looong roads, trains, and skies. We have also discovered this is where the deer, antelope (yes really), wild horses (so beautiful), and camels (??) roam! Flat, high land gives way to towering peaks. The campground we stayed in last night was in the red desert and at sunset and sunrise you can see why it is named such.

Today we head up 191 to Jackson. Hoping for pretty weather tomorrow so we can explore Jenny Lake at Grand Teton NP.