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Seattle: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Since we are trying to be candid with our journaling efforts on this trip…here’s the low down on the latest adventures:

Arriving in Puyallup – merely a campground within a hour of Seattle and NOTHING more – we were relieved to not be at a truck stop, have laundry facilities, and of course…a hot shower. We did a little drive around the tacoma area, just so we could say we did, and called it a night, excited for Kimberly’s birthday jaunt into Seattle the next day.

We woke to cloudy skies (seemed appropriate given our locale) and headed out by 7:30. I was regretting not lining up a stroller rental in advance and wondered how many steps it would be before kimbo pooped out on us. Fortunately, given the anticipation of certain activities she hung in there quite well.

To say entering the sprawling metropolis of the greater Seattle area was a bit of a shock to our systems is to put it very mildly! Within an hour we parked the car downtown, one block off of Pike Place Market and it was on.

I have to say, having been in relative wilderness for the previous two weeks did not prepare us well for the deafening volume of the city. We couldn’t hear each other…we were concerned about the car being vandalized, as we were clearly tourists making a day of it with backpacks, water bottles, and the like ;-)…and, of course we had no idea where we were going.

Being the one charged with all planning and scheduling, six eyes were on me. It took a quick stop at a coffee shop, a few glances at my phone map, and we were off.

First stop: Seattle aquarium. If you go there, do NOT judge it by the exterior. It looks pretty rough. Actually turned out to be the second nicest one (next to Baltimore) that I have ever visited.

Next up: a quick lunch at a sandwich joint. Good food. We strive to avoid “hangry” as much as possible…we are all susceptible!

Off to the much anticipated (by Kimberly) monorail – a throw back to the 1962 worlds fair – that took us to Seattle center to see the space needle.

We opted for just Brad and Va to go up…it is really pricey and the clouds were limiting the view.

We enjoyed the return trip on the monorail and stopped in a Marbles store to find a few gifts for the birthday girl. After our walk back to the car it was back to the campground before rush hour began.

All in all, the city trip was ok. Some of the negative resulted from our sensitivity to the noises, smells, sights…and some is related to the experiences we had to explain to the girls on the way “home”. Like: why were there people camped out on the pier next to the aquarium (fairly large homeless camp right there, including discarded clothing and evidence of various bodily functions feet away from us); why did daddy go back to check on car (shady guys casing lot as we left); why was that man screaming cuss words “at” us as we walked by (mentally ill man talking to himself on corner); etc etc.

Brad and I both took a depth breath in as we crossed the Hood Canal onto the Olympic Peninsula today. At a quick stop in Port Angeles we scored with a wonderful food co-op (yes I do sniff those places out)! Our campsite is awesome. Tomorrow Brad leaves us for CA for 4 days but I am excited to begin exploring the park with the girls!!!

Note: we opted to stay at Elwha Dam RV park versus at Sol Duc as I needed hook ups while Brad is gone. So that location is wrong on the schedule.